Wednesday 3 August 2011


When articulating a point of view, increasingly I find myself being more extreme. Usually I'm seeking a view somewhere in the middle ground, but to shake the inertia in the system and effect any substantial change that's sufficient, invariably I'm having to shift from this tempered position to one of a more extreme position, to illustrate dramatically a striking comparison or extreme position in order to make a point/have a point understood and appreciated.

When I recently read a quote, it very much resonated with me.

"We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run down."
- Aneurin Bevan, 1953

Within the NHS, which is brilliant at what it does well, management process seems increasingly to benefit from more extreme views that help clarify the need/importance/consequences. Those staying in the middle of the road are steam rollered over. Sadly, more balanced and moderate views simply seem to be lost in the drone of organisational noise and chaos and process.

Ho hum.

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Anonymous said...

and those that shout loudest but who aren't necessarily saying anything better