Monday 12 December 2011


Communication skills are important. We're sociable beings and reach out to communicate from the day we're born. One gentleman was explaining, fervently, that he does not need to pay his telephone bill 'cause he never uses it. He only speaks with the dead (he is a medium) or to people far away by telepathy.

He communicates with neighbours, his wife, the rich and famous and healthcare professionals through his mind. He sees this as a rich and desirable source of support, they're endlessly referred to as his, "telepathic friends."

Communiating with the dead or those geographically distant, he asserted he "never uses a kiosk" so didn't believe he should pay his 'phone bill.

He uses his mind. He thinks his messages. In his view, it's not good to talk.

Friday 9 December 2011

Stairway to Heaven

I was due to see a patient who I've known for a long time, she was due in out-patient clinic but did not attend. My secretary checked on the patient administration system and found out she had unfortunately passed away.

It was with sadness that I saw the message, in bold, that the patient was deceased.

Next to this was also the comment, "Transport not required."

I guess she can now find her own way, to where she's going. With thoughts of fondness, and knowing her impish humour, that brought me a smile. Happen PAS is right and she's found her own stairway to heaven.