Saturday 24 September 2011


I'm interested in how we think, in what internal and external processes impact 'pon how we see ourselves, how we value ourselves, how we perceive ourselves to be. A positive sense of self is important. TED talks are often engaging, this one on generosity (and social change, challenging poverty, altruism, philanthropy and business) is worth shamelessly snaffling and displaying here :

Sasha Dichter: The Generosity Experiment from TED Blog on Vimeo.

Thursday 15 September 2011


I saw a young patient who has had obsessional ideation for some time, but it's now well managed. They still have to arrange towels in order, folded just so, arranged by colour and shade in a certain order. They still have to have the groceries and tins in certain places, with the labels facing a certain way.

But there's no more checking, no more repetition, no more repeated routines intruding unhelpfully for hours a day. She has a sharp and witty sense of humour and an enormous sense of living a life full of joy.

I saw her today with a junior doctor, with a view to discharging her. She was explaining to the junior doctor that she has CDO. He asked what that was. "It's just like OCD, except the letters are in the right alphabetical order, just like they should be."