Tuesday 6 November 2007


The Healthcare Commission reviewed, scrutinised, harrassed and sussed out what was happening in our Trust. It's allowed, though, as they're the "healthcare watchdog" so I can't complain.

What's interesting is the result. You see, we're "Excellent."

What does that mean? I didn't know either. I looked it up. There was a lot to read through. For mental health the summary is :

Meeting Core Standards.
"Fully met."
Our Trust, "was meeting all of the core standards set by Government."

Existing National Targets.
"Fully met."
Our Trust, "performed consistently well for this assessment."

New National Targets.
Our Trust, "performed well beyond the minimum requirements and the reasonable expectations for this assessment."

We knew we were in the top few Mental Health Trusts prior to this but it's good to see that outside forces, looking for fault, reckon we're pretty alright too :-)

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Elaine said...

Well done for surving the visitation and congratulations on the outcome. :-)