Friday 28 December 2007


2008 will hopefully be a fine year in the blogsphere.

Although sadly Maple Leaf Medic has stopped blogging, Dr Brown has returned with patient experiences and keen insight in equal measure, Mousethinks waxes lyrical with thought provoking clinical contacts, Cal's accounts remain as stimulating and entertaining as ever, Milk & 2 Sugars is back from her soujourn after exams and thankfully continues to deliver her antipodean perspective and humour as does Polly with The Girl giving more medical student perspectives.

It's a shame that The Psychiatrist Blog remains silent since even those not enthusiastic 'bout it would say it generated stimulating and animated discussion. Shiny Happy Person continues to write 'bout psychiatry far better than I ever could, succinctly conveying what I'd spend pages waffling over, giving a pithy and somehow more real account of both postgraduate medical training and of psychiatric clinical practice that's always engaging to read.

What with retired nurses and the vibrant Mental Nurse site keeping me both pondering and entertained, there's a lot to look forward to reading through 2008.

What I'm really looking forward to is the illuminating discourse from Zarathustra (gah, the link's old, he's not still a student) 'bout the text Al Azif penned by Abdul Alhazred. A true treatise on sanity, hmmm! ;-)


Calavera said...

I'm chuffed to make your shortlist! Yippeee!

Though, on a more serious note, it is a New Year's Resolution of mine to try and write more!

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Not only am I chuffed, but I'm here to say that you owe yourself more credit: I love this blog, and your manner of focusing really well on a single subject in each post. Additionally, your practice of psychiatry is enough to make me envious (as a doctor-to-be) and desirous of being one of your so well-cared for patients.

Not that I want to need a psychiatrist, mind you. ;)

Polly said...

Thankyou Shrink :)

I hope you have a lovely 2008, looking forward to hearing more of your interesting tales!

Disillusioned said...

Thanks for your thought-provoking posts. Look forward to more of them in the year to come.