Wednesday 16 December 2009


Hassle with 'net access means blogging's a touch trickier. At work we've new software that's overly protective and won't allow access to personal pages, like blogs. Grrrr. So having a thought and spending a few minutes offering it up to t'interweb ain't an option any more.

Ho hum.

I shall just have to slope off early and work at home :-)


Anonymous said...

How rude of them! Don't know if Blogger is set up like wordpress, but wordpress do a "Post by email" service, which used to help me endlessly when work blocked my blog ;)

Lola x

XE said...

Glad to hear you're fine, I was getting a tad worried!

By the way, as Lola suggested it is possible to set up to post by e-mail through blogger, not that I'm condoning blogging at work in any way ;-)

Another Medic said...

Was missing you, I've got far less productive blogging-wise when not able to do so at work.

PS - did you teach on the MSc for geri's regs a while ago?

Spirit of 1976 said...

Ah, glad to hear you're still with us. I was getting worried for a moment.

I shall just have to slope off early and work at home :-)

It'll make a change from working on the golf handicap (just kidding!)

The Shrink said...

I've only ever been on a golf course once. A friend who's been playing since childhood kindly took me around one.

When, on one hole alone, we got up to 32 shots before I got it in the hole, we kind of agreed that I'd not the greatest natural aptitude for the game.

He kindly stuck through 9 holes with me, before we bowed out. I've never dabbled with golf since . . . I'll have to find another Consultant stereotype!

Nikita said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mags. xxx

Ms Smack said...

hiya :)

Like Lola said, there is an email-your-post into your blog now option which has been enabled by blogspot.

It's normally (username), from memory.

Worth a shot?

Also, if you have a gmail account, you can add blogs, through a reader, which means you can read until your heart is content, without anything jumping on your work server. They're fab.

If all this fails, use as a proxy browser and it'll protect your sites.

Be sure to not access anything R rated though, in case it comes back to bite you, via those IT freaks.

Love from Australia

Eileen said...

But you don't seem to have been home...

Socrates said...

That is an excellent excuse for the 2 month gap between posts.