Saturday 1 May 2010


A number of people, indeed most, will look at options of self management, which is a good thing. Some will be desparate and try things which have little benefit. But hey, what's to lose. Some will be even more desparate and try things that have little benefit but cost money. Hmmm.

Complementary Therapy has had bad press, because much of it that is useful is understated (since it's obvious and now mainstream rather than "complementary" to maintstream practice) so it's the more extreme claims that are pushed. Which invariably aren't valid.

The bottom line is that sensible people try stuff and find it doesn't work very well.

"Herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years, indeed it has, and then we tested it all and then the stuff that worked became 'medicine' and the rest of it is just a nice bowl of soup and some pot pouri."

"Well, science knows it doesn't know everything, otherwise it'd stop."

"I'm sorry if you're into homeopathy; it's water! How often does it need to be said, it's just water!" and, "The great thing about homeopathy is you can't overdose on it. Well you could fucking drown!"

Not very politially correct at all, but pretty darn amusing :


Anonymous said...

Brilliant clip. Absolutely awesome.
(Hey it mentioned Zombies, that's always a win!)

Lola x

Bippidee said...

Hehe, toothiologist. I like that.

R said...

Oh, Dara. He's absolutely brilliant - great clip, thanks for sharing it.

Unknown said...

teehee. I remember that bit from his show. Hilarious!

I prefer complImentary therapies btw. I get the OH to say nice things about me til I feel better :).

Quacktitioner said...

The Mitchell and Webb homeopathy A&E is my favourite (although no zombies, sorry Lola!)