Saturday, 10 July 2010


Doctors are known to self medicate with alcohol, at least as enthusiastically as the general population. The sterotype is that problematic use of alcohol's an occupational hazard. Personally I drink less than 21 units a week (in fact, it's invariably less than half that).

Although it's not that I partake frequently and regularly, I guess it's fair to say that nursing and medical colleagues can indeed sink a fair bit of drink on nights out. Social workers are a bit more sensible and never seem to drink to excess. Although we're all totally outclassed by secretaries; my they can drink.

After a fraught afternoon yesterday I got home and had a real Withnail moment, "I demand to have some booze!" My wife helpfully obliged. But then, having to read stories and do bathtime and put the kids to bed kind of tempers ones options for sinking into oblivion with drink and rubbish telly. I had to make do with one drink then later crashing out with Ms McCall and her Big Brother.

Gets you thinking.

How do we cope with stress, how do we manage to de-stress? As usual, it wasn't clinical work or patients causing stress, but was management activity (and inactivity) that added woe to my week.

I shall try not to mix my drinks :

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Doctor Zorro said...

To destress simply listen to "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd at brain vapourising volume. sorted.