Sunday 10 April 2011

Crisis Team

I've had to work with a Crisis Team nurse, who was not Charlie Fairhead.

She was, in point of fact, a singularly unhelpful soul who would neither see a patient, nor give them advice, nor arrange any support what so ever.

Time for me to take deep breaths. Count to 10. Self medicate with alcohol, stat.


Danni said...

That sounds like the crisis team around here :P

pj said...

The problem I've found with Crisis Teams is that, like many of the new breed of specialist nurse services, they're incredibly protocol lead - so instead of just taking the client on and helping us out (and preventing an admission which is the whole point of them) they spend the equivalent amount of time trying to weasel out of having to see them.

Disillusioned said...

I think I may know her... now working in a CMHT near me!

E said...

Sad but true and I work in a Crisis team.

A colleague of mine, who could be the unhelpful soul Dr S encountered, took her unhelpful attitude to a GP. The GP complained. There was an investigation. The unhelpful soul was investigated. Arses were kicked.

In the new world order where GP's are King, or at least responsible for commissioning services, it does not pay to be unhelpful to GP's.

Psychiatrists from other teams within the trust however are another matter entirely. With them you can be as unhelpful as you like and no one gives a flying f*ck. No one in management anyway.

Eileen said...

Her aunt/sister/mother works in a minor injuries unit somewhere on the east coast. "No, Ms Ambo person, I can't possibly take that LOL/LOM who just needs ... as there is no doctor here." So what?? What can you take?