Sunday 15 May 2011

NHS Review

I was reading the weekend papers with Mrs Shrink. Whilst she was musing over a lass who's gone all gaga, I was taken by the front page news, "NHS review chief: health reforms are unworkable."

Prof Steve Field, chairman of the "listening exercise" that David Cameron's called him in to do and review the proposals, seems to have told it like it is.

The final report's due out at the end of the month.

The conclusions he voices are that the reforms will be destabilising, undermine key services in hospitals, break up the NHS, close beacon national services, GPs aren't expert/don't have the skills to do all the commissioning that's proposed for them, NHS training doctors (and absorbing the costs) with private providers not bearing costs is unfair . .

. . . I was amazed. Really. I'd never expected such sense to be publically voiced by an influential person in an influential body. More, it was then articulately presented as front page news within the mainstream media. Amazing.

Read it. It's fairly short. To my mind, it's right on the money. More, finally it's someone with balls telling it like it is.


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