Monday, 12 December 2011


Communication skills are important. We're sociable beings and reach out to communicate from the day we're born. One gentleman was explaining, fervently, that he does not need to pay his telephone bill 'cause he never uses it. He only speaks with the dead (he is a medium) or to people far away by telepathy.

He communicates with neighbours, his wife, the rich and famous and healthcare professionals through his mind. He sees this as a rich and desirable source of support, they're endlessly referred to as his, "telepathic friends."

Communiating with the dead or those geographically distant, he asserted he "never uses a kiosk" so didn't believe he should pay his 'phone bill.

He uses his mind. He thinks his messages. In his view, it's not good to talk.


f said...

I'm sorry but I have a query and unfortunately no amount of other communication has helped so far (that is my tenuous link with the gentleman who doesn't need to pay his phone bill) ..... apparently there is a 'new' neurodegenerative condition described as 'corsadill' affecting young to middle-aged people, often diagnosed and symptoms treated as migraine at first.Can you tell me anything further on 'corsadill', please?

Lancelot Gobbo said...

Talking of communication - I hope this blog doesn't die. I check each day for a new entry, but.....

Unknown said...

People usually engage on various ways to communicate and this is duet to the fact that it really is important to know the medium that can offer the best effects.

Lancelot Gobbo said...

Two year anniversary of the last post. A sad loss to the blogosphere.

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Lancelot Gobbo said...

and now three years have passed...

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