Monday 3 September 2007


This weekend I had to go to A&E, son had a broken bone.

Unlike Shiny Happy Person's recent forray into patient experiences, I was pleasantly surprised.

My local A&E is in a hospital that doesn't know me. I've never worked there (and work in a different county) so they didn't know I was a medic. I didn't tell anyone and avoided "doctor" and "consultant" and "clinical director" and such, pitching up just as someone helping their son.

We had a wait, half an hour. Other folk before us had similar waits.

We were seen and triaged and had another wait, half an hour. Folk around us said they'd waited a similar time.

We had an x-ray (undertaken promptly with no wait) then we were seen promptly by a medic who said it was a broken bone which I'd already surmised but it was good that it had been clarified one way or the other.

The limb was promptly treated and dressed and we went on our way.

Isn't it nice when a system just works?


Polly said...

That's impressive! In and out in about 2hrs with a broken bone in a A&E department!

That would so never happen in Aus at the moment...

Hope you son is alright :)

Dr Andrew Brown said...

Usually when the system works well it is because the dedication of the staff at the sharp end has overcome the barriers caused by higher management.

Or am I cynical?

Anyway, best wishes for speedy callus formation and complete union.

Calavera said...

Aww, poor sonny, I hope he's ok.

I've never been disappointed with the care in A&E, though luckily I've only been twice over the past five years, and only then to accompany someone.

Investigations were done really promptly and the staff were all really nice.

Sometimes you just get the bad slant of it all through the papers, but most of the time, I'd say that I've always had a good experience of the NHS.

The Shrink said...

Cal, indeed so, I've not been a patient for decades but family and friends have all had good care in the NHS . . .

. . . when the media reports doom and gloom it does make you wonder where they're basing their experiences, since it's not from my neck of the woods!

Mousie said...

I wish my experience of mental health services were as positive as yours of A&E!

Thanks for stopping by my blog; I will certainly be back here regularly and I've linked to you.

The Shrink said...

Thank you for stopping by, I only just found your blog today and had a good rummage around so have linked to you, too :-)