Monday 3 September 2007


Extra chocolate rations for recognising this quote :

"Look at that, look at that. "Accident black spot." These aren't accidents. They're throwing themselves into the road, gladly. Throwing themselves into the road to escape all this hideousness. [To a pedestrian] Throw yourself into the road, darling, you haven't got a chance!"

Watched it, yet again, and love it more and more each time.

Some days, I'm easily pleased!


Dr Andrew Brown said...

I'll make a wild guess - "Withnail & I" (though I've never seen it).
Otherwise it sounds a bit like Peter Cook.

The Shrink said...

It was indeed Withnail & I, yes!

I've recently been to Bampton and Shap where a lot of it was filmed.

Dr Andrew Brown said...

Yay! Another diagnostic coup for primary care. :-)

Calavera said...

... Nope... It's not ringing a bell...

The Shrink said...

It's a curious film.

First time I saw it I thought it was pretty banal stuff since there really is no action at all.

It's a character play, really.

The two characters (Withnail and Marwood), out of work actors, leave London to visit Penrith for a weekend then return to London.

No meaningful events happen, it's all about the dialogue and the characters.

First time I saw it I was trying to grasp the plot and waiting for events to unfold, but the film isn't driven by events it's driven by the characters.

After sussing that out, each time I watch it I get more and more out of it. Richard E Grant is spectacular as Withail.