Tuesday 20 November 2007


Having found this, which I thought hugely amusing, I found David Armand also did this. It's just a typical day's work for a clinical psychologist :


Elaine said...

A tantalising clip - wish I could hear it

I would like to share with you a cartoon in the latest issue of The Oldie:-

Psychiatrist sitting on chair in consulting room; floppy haired animal lying on couch.

"March wasn't the best month to come off my medication"

Elaine said...

oops, that was meant to be floppy eared animal.

Might make a bit more sense now!

Ms-Ellisa said...

If you think about it, this could probably be paralelle to anorexia, at least the cases were the intention is purely to fit into the beauty industry models, and not the ones with family problems etc.

Or am I taking it too far?

Funny clip though :-)