Monday 28 July 2008

Comments and complaints

We live in a world where comments and complaints are plentiful. Oddly, I've not had much in the way of complaint. Odd, not because I'm mean and 'orrible with folk, but odd because the nature of my work means I'm often working with folk who don't appreciate the extent that problems are causing (e.g. through their dementia meaning they wander, or financial vulnerability) so I suggest care that they largely see as unnecessary.
Thankfully they indulge me and humour me enough of the time to mean we can try things (despite the fact they don't wholly appreciate why) then there's a tendency to go with the flow when life's easier and better for it, so the support can continue.

Still, it was surprising to receive a rather positive email today. I've been supporting staff with a number of issues of late, I can't help but meddle. Thus, at the risk of blowing what pseudo-anonymity I have, here's an unsolicited email I just received today from my secretary :

"By the way, I omitted to tell you, you are the most wonderful of bosses that I have ever worked for extremely unpretentious and the fact that we have always worked so well together without fuss or hassle!"

Can there be a better way to start the week? My world really is a happy place! :-)


Seratonin said...

My goodness that must have warmed your cockles.But sure is nice to be appreciated.
Now if you are a certain Dr T Webb masquerading as an old age Shrink shame on you !! Then again I don't believe he has a shred of compassion in him like yourself.

Seratonin said...

Oh no & now I have guilt !!!

Cat said...

That's very nice. It makes me happy too - when it happens that I get positive feedbacks and remarks.

Milk and Two Sugars said...

Oh, love her! It's lovely that she let you know you're appreciated.

InEx said...

It is always nice to get a compliment..........Here is another for you.......You blog is very good reading......I don;t always agree but that is part of the fun

Anonymous said...

Compliments are very nice indeed.

Catatonic Kid said...

What a lovely thing to have someone say to you.

Sharing the love is so good - it's great to hear about it when it happens =)

Anonymous said...

You're in denial.


Unknown said...

wow that's great! I hope I can elicit reactions half as good in the future.