Thursday 3 July 2008


I was bored, that's my only excuse.

With impish bedevilment a week ago or so I posted on the Mental Nurse site, about why we need nurses. I could have posted here, true, but I wanted to bait more folk. Yes, I really am that childish. Okay, of course it's tongue in cheek, but what came out of it though did pique my interest.

A&E Charge Nurse turned it around from clinicians and asked :
"Having said that that lets imagine 50% of NHS managers [or DoH mandarins] failed to turn up to work tomorrow, how many patients would really suffer ?
Now, lets say 50% of the RMNs did the exactly same thing………well, I’m sure you get my general drift ?

It's true.

I have no idea if the Executive Directors of our Trust Board are here today, or not. Or have been here this week, or not. When they're on holiday, nothing changes. When mental health nurses or my secretary's away, boy do I notice.

Gets one thinking, eh?

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jamon said...

Ahh, I read that post but didn't notice it was you. I considered leaving a sarcy comment, but thought better of it, given that I'm both a nurse and a 'strategic' manager. Whatever that may be.

Best keep my own counsel, then ;)