Wednesday 12 September 2007


I've spoken with a gentleman who's been to another planet, visited Heaven and divined the future. Through "revealed truth" this will be shared. He's seen that I shall write a book which will bring great rejoicing. On this other planet he visits he has great standing and has been promoted to the top of four tiers.

Travel to a far off planet where you have import, a future of happiness and rejoicings, it's not a bad way to journey.

If only his travels hadn't also led him down a rather more mundane route, crashing his car and abandoning it in oncoming traffic . . .


Calavera said...

...Oh dear.

Surely his staff and servants on the fourth tier will be able to help him out?


Spirit of 1976 said...

Sounds like he's enjoying his psychosis.

A while back I nursed a patient who believed his ex-girlfriend was Kylie Minogue. This left me with the distinct feeling that his delusional world was a much more fun place to be than the mundane reality.

It wasn't all swings and roundabouts though, as he also believed he'd been beaten up by John Travolta. Not sure why. Maybe he'd given Mr Travolta an honest opinion of the artistic and cultural merits of Battlefield Earth?

The Shrink said...

L Ron hubbard's book was decent enough so with a skip in my step I did venture to our local cinema to enjoy this offeirng. The film was more than a touch ropy.

Just goes to show, even with Hollywood stars and a great novel and squillions of dollars you still can't generate a pleasant diversion for a few hours.

But, with one psychotic episode, my chap's been cheery for days.

Funny old world, eh?

Spirit of 1976 said...

Battlefield Earth always struck me as a movie with excellent potential for drinking games. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when the likes of John Travolta start listening too much to their Scientology buddies.

Shrink, do you get abusive e-mails from Scientologists? The bloggers at Mental Nurse do. They're usually rather lengthy and tedious.

The Shrink said...

Shrink, do you get abusive e-mails from Scientologists?

I get no e-mails from anyone, as p'raps you've spotted I've no links to e-mail me.

Prevents all sorts of problems :-)